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Easter & Passover Week Reflections

We know families squabble from time to time. It is not too surprising that when different faith backgrounds read the same document, different questions arise for them and they draw different conclusions. Matthew 5: 1-2 But seeing the crowds, he went into the mount and sitting himself down, his students came near. A mount is […]

Coming This Spring!

Guiding Star Publications is finally going to print Light of Day: A results-based analysis on objectification and sexual violence. On pins and needles, I am greatful for everyone’s patience. I have the designer calculating the cost for some tweeking of the cover and other adjustments that will make your Guiding Star experience all the sweeter. […]

Law Alone Not Enough

I came across a reflection on the implementation of law, once written. The following quote is by Linda E. Ledray, R.N., Ph.D., Recovering from Rape, Henry Holt and Company. New York, NY, 1986, pp 216-217: Laws alone won’t stop rape. The laws are only as good as the people who enforce them…. When the government decided it was time […]

Unofficial Flows of Communication

Is Everyone Up to Speed? Unofficial flows of communication within bureaucracy are, well, unofficial. As such, they are difficult if not impossible to pin down in any systemic way. Best guess is that unofficial channels of information do several things: they are convenient, likely interactive with feedback, have the danger of missing out on letting […]

Max Weber

How Does Weber’s Bureaucratic Traits Track in your Municipal Government? Weber’s Bureaucracy1 1.Weber’s description of a bureaucracy presents itself as a hierarchical structure, a unity of command. This indicates that there is no conflict in the flow of authority and consequently with the lack of conflict, there is unity. For each position in the hierarchy […]

Local Admin IV – full-time employment

  Full-time Employment Full-time employment, according to Weber, is used as a dependency on income mechanism to exert greater control over the worker.1 Full time workers prevail, functioning well for continuity of communication within departments and outside departments. In terms of Weber’s contention that employees are more agreeable to direction and control when full-time, I […]

Daily Grind of Local Administration, III

Diversification on the municipal clerical job include health and safety requirements for workers at computer terminals to have ten minute breaks every hour from the terminals. Other methods of diversion are to simply do a different thing within the framework of the job to get away from the tedium of a specific task. Office work […]