Not a Pipe Dream

Many of us will go to the mat to stand up to injustice. Others are simply too frightened to stand up for anyone or anything. I met someone today who did bullying behaviour just to follow his friend for a lark, hurting someone in the process.

Sometimes we are just too weak, too scared or confused to know how to do the right thing.  Justice shouldn’t only be when it is convenient or affordable for the few. But if you are being bullied do you know where or who to turn to? My daughter received a concussion at school and a black eye. It is then that a different eye is discovered – the “blind eye” of the teachers and principle.

Now, we do have a recourse – a clarion call that bullying, however done and for whatever reason, is not to be tolerated. A single call to that special quality lawyer will empower and you will find life far more gratifying.

I had trouble with my computer company to honour its warranty on a defective part of the series it had sold me and many others. This problem has been repaired twice before. I was told the hard drive was dead. That day I began to receive emails to get me to buy a new computer. As you can see as my Pre-Paid Legal lawyer is going over the past repair documents from the company, I am typing this blog on that same computer that has an intermittent problem. The company doesn’t want to honour the extended warranty.

I know I am in good hands — Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. and subsidiary companies such as PPL Legal Care of Canada Corporation, have a closed system of lawyer selection. That means the weight is off you for who is going to take your case. Quality legal service and customer care go hand in hand. And that is no pipe dream!

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