The offerings inspire you individually and foster community growth.


Our energies grow and our direction is illuminated when together.

Gain more understanding. Open your eyes. See positive possibilities and probabilities. Guiding Star Publications Incorporated is dedicated to making a difference — together.


Working together we can make a difference.
Working together we can change the world one interaction at a time.

Follow the information trail. See patterns. View connections. Test your theories.


Cooperation and collaboration gains results.
With what we learn, cooperation and collaboration create healthy happy communities.

Community does not happen in a vacuum. Discuss. Explain. Clarify. Question. Consensus. Action plan. Execute.

a holistic approach…the author proposes a much more proactive plan that emphasizes preventive measures…’Privileged dualism denies diversity.’ This is an important contribution to a timely discussion

Kirkus Review re: Light of Day: A Results based analysis on objectification and sexual violence

the book views it as everyone’s responsibility to protect themselves and others from becoming offenders, enablers, or targets.

Clarion Foreward Reviews re: Light of Day


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