GSPInc. books examine how we got to where we are in society and how to make positive changes. Together on this journey, we each become more mindful and respectful. Let your mental agility and creativity sing.

We get into routine ways of thinking and doing.

Stuck in a rut, we don’t know what we don’t know.

Step-by-step, GSPInc word-pathways

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I am Janet McDonald, but you may call me Jennie. I am the Guiding Star Publications’ Chief Executive Officer, as well as an Applied Intelligence Analyst. At this early stage, I am responsible for everything!

I have two very loud lovebirds and a rescue dog named Winston.

What People Say

In her timely social science study, Light of Day, Janet A. McDonald challenges everyone to reconsider what they think they know about sexual violence. Clarion Foreward Review

“‘adjudication of law’ has proved simplistically insufficient. Instead, the author proposes a much more proactive plan that emphasizes preventive measures; addresses the mindsets that make victims more vulnerable and that catalyze predators; and identifies the features of societal culture that make sexual assault more likely. In short, this entails a prioritization of ‘merciful healing.’ ” Kirkus Review

“…offenders…, discussing their predictable patterns of behavior, the likelihood they suffered abuse, and the role of pornography in the normalization of sexual violence and objectification….

“…impressively nuanced, and she covers a great array of topics with great concision.”

“The author’s recommendations are deeply humane, seeking not only justice for victims, but also a world less likely toproduce predators—who are not born with but largely learn violent tendencies. …a more realistic interpretation of gender equality that doesn’t entail indiscriminate sameness, … ‘Privileged dualism denies diversity.’ This is an important contribution to a timely discussion that deserves a wide audience.

“A thoughtful, rigorous, and comprehensive look at sexual crimes brimming with insights and humanity. Kirkus Review

“…the book outlines specific action items that abuse victims, their loved ones, law enforcement officials, and others can take to create safer, healthier environments at home, work, school, and so forth. Links to outside sources and an extensive bibliography offer further reading for those who need additional help or who wish to learn more.

“…an in-depth exploration of sexualized assault—and the faulty judicial systems that allow abuse to thrive—in the two countries. Special attention is paid to problems faced by First Nations and native populations, who are at greater risk of suffering such assaults than the general population. While the majority of the book discusses male offenders and female targets, it is careful toacknowledge that anyone, regardless of gender, can offend, enable others to offend, and/or be a target.”

Light of Day is a thorough social science study about the pervasiveness of sexualized violence and the actions thateveryone can and must take to create a better, safer world

Clarion Foreward Review EILEEN GONZALEZ (October 30, 2019)

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