Doggie Law and Strata

Please excuse the interruption on an intllectual thread, but I have recently movd to Vancouver Island and have discovered something called Strata corporation for condominiums. Before purchasing a condo, ask for Form B information certificate. A copy of the registered bylaws through the Land Title Registry will better inform you. The Condominium Home Owners Association […]

Magna Carta foundation

In 1215, the Magna Charta began a codified system of limited government and due process of law. No one can arbitrarily be punished without a legal case. Consult with nobility before taxing (parliament must approve). This Magna Charta enabled the foundation of Canada’s 1867 British North America Act (the BNA Act) setting Canada up as […]

Constitutional Law

Peace, Order, Good Governance Many efforts to prevent war ( a sustained organized violence between states, when politics and diplomacy has failed) have been tried: United Nations, the International Monetary Fund to control exchange rates among some 130 states, the European Common Market, FTA, NAFTA to eliminate barriers to trade and capital. The world isn’t a simple […]

Values Added

You – Part of the Law Making Process What law-making values are important to you? Is it dealing with significant scarce resources? Is it: everyone with land to “own”, justice, security, equality, freedom, decent housing, access to post-secondary education, clean air, health care? Disagreement and conflict are inevitable in handling scarce resources. The difficulty in obtaining […]