Resilience in Adversity

There has always been waves of adversity. In these times our resiliency is tested. We are in a wave now in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic and forest fire seasons, to name but two. It is timely to recommend an allegory with rich metaphors to watch or read for Easter/Passover weekend. To be technical, …

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Perception Filters

Our learning about each other draws on our experiences, our stories, our mythology with metaphor and allegory to convey meaning. A beautiful example of metaphorical communication was when Captain Jean Luc Picard in the Star Trek: Next Generation television series met a Tamarian captain named Dathon, who spoke in metaphorical language. Dathon’s metaphors were grounded …

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Walk the Talk

On the Easter Trail Rabbi Jacob Neusner has observed that “‘Take up your cross and follow me’ is not the same thing as ‘study the Torah that I teach, which I have studied from my master before me.’” The situation is at once simpler than that, whilst being more complicated. Yet, the Rabbi was succinct: …

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Empowerment for All

Yes, everyone can be empowered from within, from above and with a support team.  This URL will not be set up as a blog role, so shift on over to The JanetA-Team link above.  This is your resource, so bookmark it!  Know where to “take the book off the shelf”! So, what is justice?   In Hebrew, …

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