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Heroic Fantasy

There is one thing a heroic tale is not. It is not episodic. It is cumulative. The heroic questor has a destiny. There is a magical leap from one world into another. We have a glimmer of that experience when we suddenly realize something with such great clarity that we are amazed that it hadn’t …

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Resilience in Adversity

There has always been waves of adversity. In these times our resiliency is tested. We are in a wave now in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic and forest fire seasons, to name but two. It is timely to recommend an allegory with rich metaphors to watch or read for Easter/Passover weekend. To be technical, …

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Coming This Spring!

Guiding Star Publications is finally going to print Light of Day: A results-based analysis on objectification and sexual violence. On pins and needles, I am greatful for everyone’s patience. I have the designer calculating the cost for some tweeking of the cover and other adjustments that will make your Guiding Star experience all the sweeter. …

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