Defund Police?

Policing is still mired in the challenges of today while carrying the baggage of the past. Dr. William Tafoya Modern policing emerged reactive during the Industrial Revolution in the early 1800s. The 1960s alerted us to the need for more proactive oversight but has been sporadic at best. Identifying offenders and documenting disorderly and criminal …

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Proclaim in Crisis

The wise person discerns the characteristic ways of human history and extropolates the future without needing to know precisely what comes next. When we hold a solemn agreement between one another, our actions are investments of our very being. Our concerns are two-fold. We are concerned about personal survival, and we are concerned for public …

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The Spiderweb of Influence:

Degrees of influence between actors on the world stage knocking on the PMO’s door  I read today about the Russians doing maneuvers in the Arctic. Following is some background work, researched nine years ago, inspecting the Arctic dynamics. To hazard a pun, global warming has warmed up the special interests of northern nations concerning the …

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Heroic Fantasy

There is one thing a heroic tale is not. It is not episodic. It is cumulative. The heroic questor has a destiny. There is a magical leap from one world into another. We have a glimmer of that experience when we suddenly realize something with such great clarity that we are amazed that it hadn’t …

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What is Fantasy?

Fantasy is imaginative thinking, literature of the grotesque, or of dreams and visions, absurdist, unusual, depicting an imaginary and unrealistic world. It is considered a sub-category of the romance genre of chivalry and adventure. Normal settings and physical laws are suspended, wherein magic and enchantment prevail. It has a range of choices: it may be …

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The Day of Completion

The regular Sabbath day. It happens after every six days. It completes the week. To understand Hebrew spirituality is to understand the steady drive for self improvement, for an honourable growth. The Sabbath rest is pivotal in this cycle. The goal isn’t “perfection” as we have come to understand it, but the completion of what …

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