Choose Rich, Not Poor!

Prepare the soil of your mind for the seed-bed of rich desire, whatever the form. Determine how much will satisfy you. Only you are to blame if you fail to start or if you stop on the road to riches. Demand riches out of life!  Assume–like putting on a coat– the state of mind that you choose.  Remove the coat that antagonizes and wears you and others around you down.  You cannot succeed until you bend all your mind to success thoughtfulness. Blessed are the poor (humble) in heart for they shall see God, but do not be poor in mind!

Success is not just financial. Richness also encompasses inspiration following inner reflection and autosuggestion with characteristics you desire. The spiritual forces generally only mature as we age, having experienced life and inner reflection, meditation and serious thought.

Desire must move toward understanding of self, others, the laws of nature and of happiness. These are richnesses that money can’t buy and you will be hard put to receive tangible riches if you don’t have these understandings!

Thought is energy travelling at an exceedingly high rate of vibration. Strong emotion enhances the effect which in turn impacts others.  Like a radio receiver and transmitter, our thoughts and the thoughts of others are not as private as we suppose.

Let’s talk sexuality.  Before the  1960s “sexual revolution” when sexual acting out was encouraged, sexual energy was seen as a great creative force, the substance of the personal muse to drive great thoughts into reality. “Behind every great man is a woman” had more than the attributes of the wife as live-in maid and potential confidant. It is the sexual energy itself that propels and compels the individual towards success not yet fulfilled. In the early years of the 20th Century sports teams and the like for teens in the community was understood to be an important tool to harness that adolescent sexual energy. Our current society of sexually acting out has deprived society of a great creative energy resource.

 Fear of poverty is a state of mind we put on sufficient to destroy chances of achievement in any undertaking.  Reason and imagination are paralyzed and destroyed, kills self-reliance, undermines entheusiasm, discourages initiative and leaves you holding the bag of uncertainty and procrastination and loss of self-control.

Napoleon Hill encourages each of us to search deeply into our character for the symptoms of the fear of poverty: indifference via lack of ambition, procrastination with alibies and excuses for why the job is not done, willingness to tolerate poverty, taking whatever life hands you without protest, mental and physical laziness, lack of initiative,  inagination, entheusiasm and self control, indecision thereby letting others do your thinking for you so you can (not so comfortably) stay sitting on the fence, doubt via excuses and alibies to cover-up, explain away or apologize for personal  failures, envying via criticizing others who are successful, worry acted out by finding fault in others, overspending (consumption like a numbing drug), neglecting physical appearance, scowling or frowning, substance abuse of any kind, nervousness, lack of poise, self-consciousness and lack of self-reliance, the overcaution of looking at the negative side of every circumstance, wasting precious time and energy on thinking and talking of fear of failure instead of marshalling your energies to find means to succeed,  knowing all the roads to disaster but not searching for the plans to avoid failure, waiting for the “right time” to put ideas and plans into action establishing “waiting” as a permanent habit, remembering those who have failed instead of those who have succeeded, refusal to accept responsibility when it can be avoided, willingness to compromise instead of putting up a stiff fight and using difficulties as stepping stones to advancement, bargaining with life for a penny instead of  demanding prosperity, opulance, contentment, riches and happiness while planning what to do in the face of failure instead of burning bridges behind you and making retreat impossible.

How does this calamity of thought come upon us?  It begins with poor soil of the mind which lack of definite purpose, control, initiative, ambition, thrift and sound reasoning, expecting poverty instead of riches, associating with those who accept poverty instead of seeking the company of those who demand and receive riches.