Face Fears

Fear Has Lost Its Sting

Sometimes disease is caused by a negative thought impulse that we assume. The acceptance of these negative impulses act as a curse, indeed become a curse we settle into helplessly.  These negative intentions from others or our dwelling on these negative thoughts set off a habitual physiological response.  Fear of disease can cause the illness that is feared.  Forget the symptoms before the fear of them become imbedded in your character.

Imagine you are sitting in front of your favorite meal. Smell the aroma, see the colours, feel the texture in your mouth as you taste that morsel. Your salivary glands are working away at a memory–just a memory.  You have triggered the response.  You, by choice of thought have caused your body to behave in this way. 

The same can happen with an illness.  If you become ill somewhere or after consuming a certain food, you may fear to go to that location or try the food again as your mind casts about for an explanation for the illness. You send fear-of-illness messages to your brain. The body reacts prematurely to this stress and the immune system is strained. Have you ever heard of biofeedback therapy?  Some of us surely need it! Alternatively, a good vacation away from your triggers can do just as well for some.

Your body might use this fear connection to a past illness response. Your body begins to oblige your mind and react as if the real trigger is occuring–it is but in the reality of your mind’s memory. Behaviour modification goes beyond the scope of this page but is integral to walking in the way of righteousness, peace and joy.  You choose to change, forsaking old behaviour patterns.

Some of us are so sensitive to criticism that we become depressed and despondent when others critique us or put our ideas down.  Facing fear as a friend to sharpen your wit and spiritual agility is a key jumping board for initiative, imagination, individuality and self-reliance.  Running away from fear in fright leads you right into its arms, strengthening its grasp on you. Fear and brokenness of spirit, damaged thinking and the consequent actions are not our prison.  We are set free when we say “No more!”  We need to see another way than our old repetative internal patterns.  We need new vision for without vision we die where we stand.

 One’s nearest relatives are among some of the worst offenders for bringing us to fear.  Fear of retaliation and inferiority complexes haunt and maim our decision making processes. Face it and master it. Use constructive problem solving for the fear. This area will become your strength.

I fear missing God’s direction and I go through doors where angels fear to tread, fearful not to do what is presented before me  lest I miss God’s opportunity for me.  As a fabulous lawyer said to a crowd of fans yesterday (me included), “Don’t be hasty.”  Yet we are programmed to walk in faith at times and then we leap before testing the threshold of that door.  All too many are booby-trapped.  It is a case where in-action can be the greatest action.  I hate letting the grass grow under my feet. We need to assess our vulnerabilities and weaknesses boldly. This is my greatest weakness and greatest strength. It needs to be harnessed. I share this to face it boldly and to anticipate powerful change in my life as I choose to change.

Fear of loss of love, jealousy, distrust, paranoia are killer fears as they ravage the body through the personal distress and attacks others (the love object or opponent). Sometimes it is just best for us to get over ourselves.