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Guiding Star books and its founding director, Janet A McDonald, inspire the heart with thoughtful reflections and reveal possibilities for healthy cooperative communities. McDonald is writer, strategic and tactical criminal analyst, publisher, singer, orator, theologian, retired registered nurse and access control officer, with two very loud lovebirds and a rescue dog named Winston.

Start a book club and discover new friends to explore issues and clarify thoughts. It is hoped that readers will contribute reflective questions about the content to be considered for subsequent editions.

The inaugural book offering is

Light of Day:


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GSP Inc fills in the communication gaps societies face for more mindful reflection and respectful response to one another.

In an era of #MeToo, regression into Reagan era politics, and blustering public speakers, Light of Day: a results-based analysis on objectification and sexual violence touches all of us. Any one of us are potential targets. We all are susceptible to addictive behaviour/behavior while falling blind to our hurtful selves and our hurting others. We can all fall short of responsible management of our workspaces, social spheres, schools, and homes.

You will find you are not alone when plumbing the depths of Light of Day. We are stronger working together than in pulling apart.

Many times we don’t know what we don’t know. Books can illuminate the dark corners of the mind we didn’t even know existed, dusting off the fog and cobwebs which have accumulated.

Every book reveals the mind-set of the author. Sometimes just knowing something about an author can unlock a previously puzzling book.

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Whether you have family issues, trouble with friends, acquaintances, workplace bullies or simply want to help, Light of Day illuminates the way forward.

You are not alone. Justice and righteous mercy lead the way and, as a unit, is exemplified in responsible managers of locations, guardians of potential targets, and handler of the offender. We are all in this together as we help one another towards positive potentials, tapping into the crime prevention model of the Crime Pattern Triangle and transform it into the Crime Prevention Triangle.

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