Liberating Dreams

Overcome your own self-imposed barriers to realize your dreams, for as we think in our heart so we are (Prov. 23:7). We are what we think we are. If you think poor, you will continue to be poor. So….

  1. take the necessary action for success with the can-do attitude,
  2. see great challenge as an opportunity,
  3. act from a positive attitude.

Result: your self-confidence is enhanced as your ability to achieve is proven and you know you can succeed.

Do you see the challenge?  A positive attitude’s challenge is to choose what goals and opportunities to follow through on.  People want to be rewarded for their efforts and there are only so many hours in a day. The more talented you are, the harder it is to reign yourself in and focus on a limited number of things to excel in them.

Think and Grow Rich by Napolion Hill, a contemporary of Dale Carnegie, encourages us to think outside the box our minds have trapped us into. Study, analyze and understand three enemies you need to clear out; indecision, doubt and fear. The sixth sense of intuition and other attributes of the “aha” experience can only come into play when these personal enemies are cleared from your mind.

We have a battle between this unholy trio of indecision (procrastination, etc.), doubt and fear verses the holy trinity of righteousness, justice and mercy. As explained on the front page of this blog site, one attribute is integrally linked to the other two of the trio. Where one goes, so do the other two.

Mr. Hill has challenged against “six ghosts of fear” to “clear the mind for riches” to be able to make use of the positive action steps above.  Fear is a chameleon state of mind of terror of poverty, criticism, ill health, of loss of love from someone, of old age, of death — one big curse to the world, controlling and directing our path in life. Fear (as with stress) depletes B Vitamins and lowers the effectiveness of the immune system as it struggles to deal with the ravages of the fear itself, distracted from its original duties with ill health as a result.

The power of our thoughts become quite evident when we look at it.  Thought impulses start to immediately move towards their physical equivalent regardless of their voluntary or involuntary nature, so be on guard against negative thoughts that impinge upon your mind like an unwelcome radio channel you have just tuned into. Thoughts of intention and design are not the only thoughts we have to deal with!

This is the key to understanding why some struggle with misfortune and others rise to success.  Thoughts released by other minds can determine your business, financial,  professional, social destiny just as surely as your own thoughts of intention and design, your yes and amen.  “Luck” or “bad luck” is a typical destription of this dynamic, unjustly labelling the condition as being outside one’s free will to choose.  You can choose to close the doors tightly against negative thoughts from other people and accept only thought processes of your own choice. We have absolute control over thought.

Fear can be mastered. All thought has a tendency to clothe itself in its physical equivalent.  Courage and financial gain can be your garment rather than that of fear.