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U. N. Defuses War -Methodology Continued

Primary Purpose #3 Achieve “international cooperation in solving international problems of an economic, social, cultural, or humanitarian character, and in promoting and encouraging respect for human rights and for fundamental freedoms far all without distinction as to race, sex, language or religion” (Khan, 494). The International Monetary Fund, The Economic and Social Council (ESOSOC), The […]

U.N. and Democracy

  It has been the United Nation’s position that democratic states rarely fight each other. They have taken on the role of election facilitators for Member States who request help as a peace strategy (Boutros-Ghali, 329). Boutros-Ghali stresses that it takes time for an entire society to willingly accept democratic values. He illustrated this point […]

Doggie Law and Strata

Please excuse the interruption on an intllectual thread, but I have recently movd to Vancouver Island and have discovered something called Strata corporation for condominiums. Before purchasing a condo, ask for Form B information certificate. A copy of the registered bylaws through the Land Title Registry will better inform you. The Condominium Home Owners Association […]

Magna Carta foundation

In 1215, the Magna Charta began a codified system of limited government and due process of law. No one can arbitrarily be punished without a legal case. Consult with nobility before taxing (parliament must approve). This Magna Charta enabled the foundation of Canada’s 1867 British North America Act (the BNA Act) setting Canada up as […]

Constitutional Law

Peace, Order, Good Governance Many efforts to prevent war ( a sustained organized violence between states, when politics and diplomacy has failed) have been tried: United Nations, the International Monetary Fund to control exchange rates among some 130 states, the European Common Market, FTA, NAFTA to eliminate barriers to trade and capital. The world isn’t a simple […]