Canadian politics

Canadian Bureaucracy

Bureaucratic Influence Upon Canadian Policy Making Janet A McDonald. 1994, ammended 2010. Originally for Political Science 1F90, Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario, Professor Bill Mattheson. The Canadian civil service, in its increasing complexity, exerts significant political and policy influence in the effort to provide good government. Several factors play a part in its development. Power …

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What is a Liberal?

Liberalism – 18th and 19th Centuries People are rational (reason), equal (no classes). Progress is inevitable (optomistic). Reform, not revolution. The government is active but has limits. John Locke, John Stuart Mill declared the government is to prevent people from harming one another. Marxists feel that liberalism is despicable, crass, materialistic. Canadian  liberals are not as class conscious: …

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