Proclaim in Crisis

The wise person discerns the characteristic ways of human history and extropolates the future without needing to know precisely what comes next. When we hold a solemn agreement between one another, our actions are investments of our very being. Our concerns are two-fold. We are concerned about personal survival, and we are concerned for public …

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What is Fantasy?

Fantasy is imaginative thinking, literature of the grotesque, or of dreams and visions, absurdist, unusual, depicting an imaginary and unrealistic world. It is considered a sub-category of the romance genre of chivalry and adventure. Normal settings and physical laws are suspended, wherein magic and enchantment prevail. It has a range of choices: it may be …

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Resilience in Adversity

There has always been waves of adversity. In these times our resiliency is tested. We are in a wave now in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic and forest fire seasons, to name but two. It is timely to recommend an allegory with rich metaphors to watch or read for Easter/Passover weekend. To be technical, …

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