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Proclaim in Crisis

The wise person discerns the characteristic ways of human history and extropolates the future without needing to know precisely what comes next. When we hold a solemn agreement between one another, our actions are investments of our very being. Our concerns are two-fold. We are concerned about personal survival, and we are concerned for public […]

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Sentient Machine?

The future is shaped by our present decisions and subsequent actions. We understand that we are valuable, but do we really know why? How are we intelligent? Are we intelligent? What does “progress” look like for you? What does a failure in “progress” look like to you? In these days of great challenge, where do […]


What is Fantasy?

Fantasy is imaginative thinking, literature of the grotesque, or of dreams and visions, absurdist, unusual, depicting an imaginary and unrealistic world. It is considered a sub-category of the romance genre of chivalry and adventure. Normal settings and physical laws are suspended, wherein magic and enchantment prevail. It has a range of choices: it may be […]

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Resilience in Adversity

There has always been waves of adversity. In these times our resiliency is tested. We are in a wave now in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic and forest fire seasons, to name but two. It is timely to recommend an allegory with rich metaphors to watch or read for Easter/Passover weekend. To be technical, […]