Proclaim in Crisis

The wise person discerns the characteristic ways of human history and extropolates the future without needing to know precisely what comes next. When we hold a solemn agreement between one another, our actions are investments of our very being. Our concerns are two-fold. We are concerned about personal survival, and we are concerned for public …

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Plato and the Guys

All political activity involves either bringing a change from the worst to the better or preventing a change  from the better to the worst. Plato An optimist, Plato saw humans as fundamentally good. It is the environment that corrupts. Humans are naturally not equal. The gold type are by nature equipped to rule. Silver is …

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Empowerment for All

Yes, everyone can be empowered from within, from above and with a support team.  This URL will not be set up as a blog role, so shift on over to The JanetA-Team link above.  This is your resource, so bookmark it!  Know where to “take the book off the shelf”! So, what is justice?   In Hebrew, …

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