Right, Left, Centre

The term right, left, and centre are based on the seating arrangements of the French parliament which, in the 18th and 19th Centuries,  was shaped like a horse shoe with the speaker placed at one end. Seating was divided among three major sectors, right, left, and centre. The right side or wing (on the speaker’s …

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What is a Liberal?

Liberalism – 18th and 19th Centuries People are rational (reason), equal (no classes). Progress is inevitable (optomistic). Reform, not revolution. The government is active but has limits. John Locke, John Stuart Mill declared the government is to prevent people from harming one another. Marxists feel that liberalism is despicable, crass, materialistic. Canadian  liberals are not as class conscious: …

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Plato and the Guys

All political activity involves either bringing a change from the worst to the better or preventing a change  from the better to the worst. Plato An optimist, Plato saw humans as fundamentally good. It is the environment that corrupts. Humans are naturally not equal. The gold type are by nature equipped to rule. Silver is …

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