The Creative Mind

Our thoughts have impact and power. Our fears of old age, loss of physical performance, financial independence brings the calamity faster upon us. Embrace your years of experience and go boldly forth into the future of your life filled with adventure and imagination.

“The undiscovered country” from Hamlet is death. Our physical death will come. The quality of the rest of who we are beyond chemical components and water is determined by how we follow the way, truth and life right here and in the present.

Energy and matter exist. Choose to make your energy good. Transform your life essence. Life is energy. Since matter and energy cannot be destroyed then life cannot be destroyed. Life is all about transition and change so you can see how we have victory over death with purity of our path and truth. True “death” is a negative state of being, of non-truth, of hatred and malice. Choose not to exist there.

The poverty stricken never avoid the susceptibility to negative influences. Those who succeed in any calling never flirt with negative influences, the evil. They protect their state of mind.

Lazy indifferent thinking that let these negative factors in. There is a reason why people regularly read the scriptures — to keep their minds on track. When you see a hornets’ nest, don’t kick it!

This is the ultimate thing: you can master your own mind, you can choose. It is how you were created. Claim it for it is already yours. If you can conceive a thing then it is possible. We wouldn’t have cell phones or internet otherwise! You have a divine right to believe. Keep you mind busy with a definite plan.

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