The Romance of Canada

The following is an except printed in The Liberal Times, August-September 1996, p.3:

As for you who stand today on the threshold of life, with a long horizon open before you for a long career of usefulness to your native land, if you will permit me, after a long life, I shall remind you that already many problems rise before you: problems of creed differences; problems of economic conflict, problems of national duty and national aspiration. Let me tell you that for the solution of these problems you have a safe guide, an unfailing light, if you remember  that faith is better than doubt and love is better than hate.

From Sir Wilfrid Laurier and the Romance of Canada, Laurier L. LaPierre, O.C., Stoddart, 1996.

Laws are rules to guide us in love, not to lord it over others in hatred. Jeremiah reminds us to be in reverent awe of all that we have as we manage the country we live in. Hebrews Reminds us to conduct ourselves in love and reverent respect for one another. Luke reminds us that we are to be loving and giving to all peoples.

Make it so.

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