Words to Live By

“Injustice must be rooted out by strong, persistent and determined action.” Letter from Birmingham City Jail, Dr. Martin Luthur King Jr. 

We continue to feel the impact of justice declarations in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s letter. Words, born of thought, are the beginning of action. The power of the letter rings out long after it was inked or electronically versed. The Word is powerful, full of intent and driving force. Each letter or brush stroke combines with other letters or brush strokes to make the world go around with words of purpose, the fulcrum of all that we do. Reality is enhanced by the full-bodies impact of the Word proclaimed with authority. Sentences form paragraphs creating a type of contract with the universe, an understanding.

The renewing of your mind is the hot topic of the Holy Bible and other sacred scriptures throughout the world.  It is a contract of sorts with you and all of creation: you are giving notice on your intent.  What goes on in the process? 

  1. Choose your attitude as you act on your chosen belief and follow it day after day,
  2. sow that thought like seed on fertile ground and water it with words of affirmation and the sunshine of pro-active energy,
  3. reap internal growth and character to reach your destiny.
  4. Break the automatic negative-thought pattern:
  5. write out positive words to replace negative speech patterns.
  6. Intervene at the point of behaviour,
  7. choose a quality decision to meet your dream, setting the agenda,
  8. state the agenda out loud
  9. and do it! 
  10. Take risks to grow and learn from them.
  11. Take ownership of your own attitude. “They” didn’t “make” you do, say, feel anything!
  12. Choose to change your attitude to acquire amazing results:
  13. increased entheusiasm,
  14. defeat fear,
  15. enjoy taking the initiative,
  16. experience joy when you use more of your God-given time and energy.

Each and every obstacle and challenge has the potential to be the best thing that ever happened to you. Renewing your mind transforms from the inside out and requires clarity of thought.  Make the decision based on the dream, not on how you have always done things.

So, what about your dreams?   Do not second-guess your dream.   Shut the door on everything you have said, done and accomplished prior to that decision. Don’t get caught up with the old “how” of things which will lose sight of the goal.  As we are to avoid worshipping idols (anything) over and above God (the LORD), avoid turning the steps, the process, into the goal or dream.  Evaluate the effect of your actions and adjust your behaviour accordingly to readjust your “rudder” to sail into the finish line of your dreams.

Consider your desire to sail on a boat.  You don’ t have to own a boat but make friends with those who do. There are ways to get a job done.

As Jim Stovall indicated in his book You Don’t Have to Be Blind to See, you are only a quality decision away from a new beginning (Thomas Nelson, Inc., 1996).

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